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Ignoring Edgar
(with Jim Roberts)

The Chocolate Room

Ignoring Edgar (sample clips: hi lo)
(December 1999, with Jim Roberts of Klangstorm)

  • Devilment in Duboce hi lo (sample)
  • San Franpsycho hi lo (full track)
  • Canyon Dreaming Cloud and Me hi lo (sample)
  • Do You Know Where My Kezar? hi lo (sample)
  • Sons of Judah hi lo (sample)
  • Ignoring Edgar hi lo (sample)
  • Embarcabolero hi lo (sample)

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All compositions Copyright 1999 by Lanzinger and Jim Roberts, except "San Franpsycho" copyright 1999 by Lanzinger, and "Canyon Dreaming Cloud and Me" copyright 1999 by Jim Roberts. All rights reserved.